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How to flirt with chicks running adult cams

A lot of guys become scared of chicks that model in front of adult cams. They think that since a woman gets naked in front of the camera to entertain an audience from all four corners of the globe, then this automatically means that she is some immoral woman or …

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How to read girls doing free cams so you can score

Dating models that give out free sex shows at free cams is nothing new. It’s not much different from dating a stripper at your local strip bar. Seriously. You just have to know how to read these women. Of course, guys who want to score often define success in many …

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Sneaky tips on getting full shows from free cams

Free cams are all the rage nowadays. If you are into online strip shows, online sex shows, and live cam shows, you know that free cams are the hottest thing since sliced bread in the world of online adult entertainment. In fact, gone are the days where people would go …

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How to get the best live cams experience

I wish I could tell you that all live cams produce a uniform high quality experience. Unfortunately, if I were to say that to you, I would be flat out lying because if you are a veteran of at least a few live cams, you know that in many cases, …

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The Average Joe’s guide to hooking up via sexcams

Make no mistake about it, a lot of guys can and do hook up with models at sexcams. If you’ve ever been to a sexcams show, you know that it can be quite intimidating. After all, you have this really hot looking chick from the other side of the country …

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How to pick up on chicks through adult cams

Believe it or not, women who perform professionally for adult cams and cam sex shows actually need attention too. I know that’s kind of hard to believe. I know that it’s very easy to think that these women are sexual professionals and that performing on adult cams pretty much runs …

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