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How to get the best live cams experience

I wish I could tell you that all live cams produce a uniform high quality experience. Unfortunately, if I were to say that to you, I would be flat out lying because if you are a veteran of at least a few live cams, you know that in many cases, they suck, seriously.

The chick shows up and she doesn’t do much of anything and she basically just begging for somebody to buy tokens so she can do her private show. That’s it, that’s the whole show and they put the word show in thick quotations, but this isn’t much of a show. You probably would get better entertainment value watching paint peel off a wall or grass form new blades at your lawn. Pretty fucked up right?

Well, the good news is that you can do something about it. You can’t just expect the world to fucking put on a good show for you just because you showed up. Life doesn’t work that way. Life isn’t fair and that’s why you have to step up. You have to remember the basic fact that to many girls that work live cams, it’s just a job.

Just as you hate your first pizza delivery job or your paper delivery job when you were a kid, a lot of these women hate what they do. It’s just a job. It’s just something that they do to pay the bills. They need to make ends meet and live cams delivers the largest amount of money in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of effort so they go through it. It doesn’t mean they’re thrilled. It doesn’t mean that this is their life’s work or this is their contribution to humanity but it’s just something that they do. That’s for a large number of women.

I’m not saying that this is how all of them think but it’s definitely a factor and this goes a long way in explaining why a lot of chicks show up with very low energy levels. They have that look in their eyes that they’d rather be elsewhere doing something else. You really can’t blame them because for the most part, a lot of the guys that show up in live cams are complete and total assholes. They assume that these women are either drug addicts, prostitutes, escorts, single moms who are just fucking losers, and they abuse them.

Now, they don’t abuse them by going straight up to their face and just throwing insult after insult. No, they abuse them by their assumptions, by the implications of what they type, and it makes for a very discouraging environment for the performer. So if you see that, understand that you have a role to play.

Be the one to take initiative to get the energy level up

If you see a chick who’s just basically going through the motions and looks like she can’t wait until her shift is over, you need to step up. You need to be the one to take the bull by the balls and get the show rolling. How do you do this? Pay attention to the following.

The call and response system

Any kind of public performance involves a call and response system. Whether you’re looking at a classic symphony, or stand-up comedian working a crowd, or even a politician speaking in front of a large number of people, this process of call and response is in operation. Always understand this. Always go back to this because if you’re able to work the call and response system, then you are guaranteed a great experience whether you’re the performer or the audience member.

How does this work? Well, the performer starts off with a certain energy level. Maybe she’s feeling down. Maybe she’s feeling depressed. Maybe she’s stressed out. Whatever the case may be, she’s operating at a certain level. Now, when the audience shows up and sees her facial expressions as well as the things that she types, they also bounce back the same kind of depressed or confused vibe to her. She responds by feeling a little bit more discouraged and bounces that back to the crowd, which then bounces back an even more discouraging set of messages.

Do you see how this works? It basically becomes a downward spiral. The call and response system simply flips the script. All that it involves is somebody in the audience working hard to put a smile on her face. The moment she smiles and becomes very perky, the rest of the crowd comes alive because they get excited and the more they get excited, the more she gets excited, and soon enough, we get a show.

In other words, we see a little preview. Maybe she’d spread her legs. Maybe she’d show her titties. She ends up doing something that she normally doesn’t do because she got all caught up in the positive upwards spiral of the emotional energy in that virtual room. How do you do this?

Throw out all sorts of jokes

When you’re telling jokes, it’s like throwing spaghetti on a wall. Chances are pretty good that the first time you throw pasta on the wall, it’s not going to stick. So what do you do? You keep throwing and throwing and throwing until something sticks.

Throw out all sorts of jokes until she laughs. I mean, sincerely laughs at a joke. Now that you know what kind of jokes she’s into, come up with more similar jokes and see if she laughs consistently. If you’re able to see this pattern, then you’ll know that you’ve gotten in her head. You’ll know that you can always get her to pump up the energy level by using that type of joke or situational comedy.

Get her to feel there’s an inside joke between her and the crowd

When she types something that’s funny and everybody else laughs, refer back to that joke and tell her in so many ways that, this is what’s so special about you. You have a special way with people and we get it. This way, she feels like the crowd is her ally. She feels she’s accepted. She feels like people at some level or other, get her.

Your objective?

The objective here is very simple. You want the audience to be comfortable and you want the performer to be conformable as well. If both are comfortable, then the performer is in a better position to give one hell of a performance. When this happens, everybody wins because she’s going to get tips, she’s going to make more money, and everybody would get what they came for at the same time.

On an average dollar basis, people actually paid less. The way sexcams and live cams normally work is that one guy or a couple of guys end up paying everybody else’s expenses because they are the ones who come up with the most tokens. When you help the performer work the crowd and you get an upward spiral going, everybody chips in a very low amount of tokens while the performer puts on a great show and she ends up making more money while on average, everybody actually spent less money

In other words, it’s a win-win situation. This is not going to work out unless you step up. You have to take the first initiative. In many cases, performers of live cams actually get so excited, they actually pop real orgasms. I know that’s crazy. I know that’s like seeing a blood moon or some sort of rare meteor shower but it does happen. Why? It’s just an extension of the fact that there was this huge call and response upward spiral created, and there was a tremendous amount of energy on both the part of the audience, as well as the performer that she felt comfortable enough to actually to actually pop an O.

Sounds awesome right? It all begins and ends with a sense of openness. When you have a sense of openness with somebody, they feel secure, they feel comfortable, they feel open, and they’re more likely to let nature take its course.

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