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How to read girls doing free cams so you can score

Dating models that give out free sex shows at free cams is nothing new. It’s not much different from dating a stripper at your local strip bar. Seriously. You just have to know how to read these women. Of course, guys who want to score often define success in many different ways.

Pay attention to the following discussion because it can help you come up with some sort of a roadmap or at least some sort of framework that would enable you to score on a fairly reliable and consistent basis with women that work on free-cams.

How do you score at free cams?

The most basic question that you should address first is what constitutes “scoring”? How do you define success at free cams websites? How do you know that you’ve done a god job? How do you know that what you’re doing is working and what is your goal?

Well, it all depends on what your definition of scoring is. Some guys obviously think that scoring means going out on a date. By that, I of course mean showing up at a place, talking a little bit, then going back straight to your place to fuck. No shame in that game. We’re all big kids here. The other way you can score is cyber-sex. Basically, it’s just a digital version of, you show me yours and I’ll show you mine, that kind of thing. Again, nothing shocking there.

Other guys define scoring as basically getting a free show instead of having to tip tons of cash. The chick basically just shows it off, whips out a huge dildo, and basically bangs herself with that piece of plastic for everybody’s enjoyment. Many guys define success at free cams shows that way.

Other guys define scoring as basically just honing their online social skills. They just want to connect with people and persuade people. Maybe they are online sales people. Maybe they are web masters and they build websites that turn traffic into cash. Whatever the case may be, they’re trying to hone their online social skills and believe me, free cams will definitely test your online skills.

Finally, some other guys define scoring as basically just connecting on an emotional level with a stranger and the leaving it at that. There’s nothing sexual to that. It’s just a form of connection with somebody because at some level or other, they’re lonely. Again, there’s no shame in that.

We all have different issues. In fact, it’s much better for you to be completely honest about your personal needs and your own loneliness than to live in denial or to live delusionally thinking that you don’t really need anybody. So regardless of how you define scoring, you have to be clear about your personal definition of success because that’s what you’re going to keep going back to as you go through the framework that I’m going to reveal below.

Free cams attract all sorts of women

The next thing that you need to do is to let go of whatever stereotypes you may have about women that work on free cams. No, they’re not all drug addicts. No, they’re not all prostitutes. They are definitely not all escorts. In fact, a lot of them are perfectly normal.

We’re talking about a college girl who is earning a huge amount of money to pay for school. We’re talking about the single mom or the recently divorced mom who is earning money to tide her over until she finishes graduate school.

There are so many different stories here, so forget about whatever stereotypes of negative definitions you have and just wrap your mind around the central fact that cams shows attract all sorts of women and that a lot of these women are perfectly normal and conventional.

Different girls require different approaches.

There are different chicks that are attracted to free cams so what you need to do is understand the differences by looking at the different profiles below and then coming up with a strategy that appeals to women of different profiles. If you’re able to do that, then you will be well on your way to becoming an online pussy magnet because the techniques outlined here can actually be modified and applied to a wider variety of women. Whether you meet them online or offline doesn’t really matter.

Type #1: The stripper

The stripper is a webcam performer who’s just basically in it for the money. This is her profession. This is all she does and she expects a certain level of respect and professionalism from her audience. The stripper has no illusions of working at an MBA program or doing humanitarian volunteer work on the side.

In a way, she looks at this as just a job in the same way a waitress looks at her job as just a job. It’s just one part of her life. She’s not running away from it. She’s not making excuses for it. It’s just a part of who she is. It’s just a part of her life. No more, no less. There’s no shame in this game nor is there something to apologize for. The stripper can be proud. The key here is respect. Respect goes a long way with women that fit this profile.

Type #2: The broke college student

The broke college student is a live cam performer who’s basically just in it for the emergency cash. The moment she feels she has enough cash to pay off some late breaking bills, she’s out of there. Accordingly, the broke college student is not exactly very excited about taking off her clothes or performing sex acts online. She needs a little bit more motivation. She also is very open to humor or intellectual discussion and she’s also open to people who look at her not as a person who performs sex acts on the internet, but as somebody who is just basically like them. A little bit of empathy goes a long way with a broke college student.

Type #3: The thrill seeker

The thrill seeker actually has a job. Maybe she’s a lawyer, or a doctor, or an MBA holder. Maybe she’s a mom married to a successful businessman in town. Whatever the case may be, the thrill seeker is not taking off her clothes doing sex acts turning on guys online for money. In fact, money isn’t even an issue.

The thrill seeker is really all about the thrills. She feels that this is something dangerous and risky. She feels that this is a set of activities that her parents told her not to do and there’s a certain danger and sense of adventure when you’re doing something that’s on the edge, that people wave their fingers at and people talk shit behind your back for and she loves going against the grain, and that’s what gets her excited.

Let me let you in on a secret about the thrill seeker. Usually, in many cases, if you’re dealing with a thrill seeker who is a married woman, her husband actually approves of this stuff. Why? Because it gets him off as well. If you’re going to try to score with a thrill seeker, you have to focus on the sense of adventure or the sense of danger or risk involved. The more the experience comes closer to some sort of voyeur or a scandal, the more she gets excited.

Type #4: The hippie

The hippie is a woman who basically comes for money who is otherwise very comfortable in terms of material needs, but she feels that being in front of the camera showing off her body or performing sex acts or doing sex chat is a great way for her to express her creativity. She feels that he body and her sexuality are just natural extensions of her imagination and creativity.

The secret to scoring with the hippie is to make the experience as emotionally cathartic or liberating as possible because that’s how she sets course for herself. She’s not looking at the money, she’s not looking at the danger, she’s not looking at a sub profession, but she’s looking at it as an emotional and artistic release. So if you’re in that wavelength, then you need to throw of the right signals so you can connect with the hippie.

Type #5: The Diva

Now, last but definitely not the least is the diva. The diva is all about showing her body because she wants men to adore her. She’s looking for attention. The more dicks she gets hard, the more she gets excited. Why? It’s all about her. It’s all about her ego. It’s all about her making a statement that every day for one particular hour, all these men from all four corners of the world have her top-of-mind.
She can’t let go of this. She just wants to be the number one billing as far as attention is concerned for these guys, at least for that hour. She’s not big on money. Although money does play a role in the sense that the more money she makes, the more successful she is in drawing attention. But her number one compensation is the attention she gets.
The diva is all about teasing. The diva is very manipulative and very calculating. Now, a lot of people would say that these are very negative adjectives. Absolutely not, because when you look at how the diva thinks and how her ego is structured, these flow into each other and they’re not necessarily negative.
The secret to scoring
The secret to scoring any woman really boils down to comfort. The first thing that you need to do is to read the chick accurately. Figure out what type she is and then the next step is to get her comfortable. There are many ways you can do that. You can crack a joke. You can talk about your favorite artists or favorite musicians. This works particularly well with hippies.
You can talk about bungee jumping or sky diving. Thrill seekers love that. You just have to figure out the type of the chick and throw stuff out there. As long as it’s real and you’re not dishing out bullshit, you would be able to figure out what they’re all about and then create an upward spiral of ever-increasing mutual comfort which will enable you to score.

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