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The Average Joe’s guide to hooking up via sexcams

Make no mistake about it, a lot of guys can and do hook up with models at sexcams. If you’ve ever been to a sexcams show, you know that it can be quite intimidating. After all, you have this really hot looking chick from the other side of the country or the other side of the planet giving you one hell of a show. She’s just showing off different parts of her body, she’s rocking her sexuality, and she’s just really giving out some amazing adult vibes and everybody’s excited.

As you probably already know, you’re not the only guy watching the show especially if it’s in a free room. Now, it’s very easy to think that these women are sex addicts, nymphomaniacs, or even professional prostitutes but if you think about it, they are really not much different from women who are attracted to different layers of the modern adult entertainment industry.

By adult entertainment industry, we’re talking about a large industry with many different segments. They’re not all prostitutes nor are they porn stars. They’re not all escorts nor are they all strippers. There are many different layers there. There are women who get nude in front of a camera and do nothing else. There are women who tease in front of the camera and then there are women who actually have sex with other women or do boy girl scenes online.

I hope you can see that there’s quite a bit of gradation there and given this spectrum, you have to also factor in that different women are attracted to working at sexcams for a wide variety of reasons. Now, average girls tend to be attracted to sexcams because let’s face it, there’s huge money to be made.

A lot of women make more performing with sexcams in a day than for example working as a waitress or working as a teacher. There is a lot of money involved and any kind of discussion regarding hooking up with chicks that work in this type of industry without discussing money would be an incomplete discussion. In fact, it would be worthless. The bottom-line is actually quite simple.

The bottom-line: Most of these sexcam girls are actually quite “normal”

You’d be surprised as to how normal sexcam girls are. I mean, when the make-up comes off, when the sexy clothing, and the thong and other sexy paraphernalia come off, they’re normal people. They have bills to pay, they have kids to take care of, and they have kids to drive to soccer practice.

A lot of them go to school, so on and so forth. I need you to wrap your mind around the normalcy of many of the performers there because that’s what you need to focus on if you are really serious about hooking up with these women.

Don’t come in with stereotypes and assumptions

Doing assume that all these chicks are mentally and emotionally damaged. It’s always a bad idea to assume that a lot of the girls performing at sexcams are hooked on drugs or are really messed up mentally. While it’s true that a statistical minority of any profession dabbles in, or are straight up addicted to drugs, the vast majority aren’t.

There is also a tremendous stereotype that the majority of females doing sexcams are single moms. This is not necessarily true, so don’t let these stereotypes take center stage in your mind because they’re going to poison how you interact with these women.

Don’t let your game be a victim of your messed up assumptions

When you have all sorts of negative stereotypes in your head and you’re talking to a person that supposedly has those stereotypes, you can’t help but breathe in those stereotypes into that person. In other words, that person might even be Mother Theresa, but since you have so many screwed up assumptions about that person, whatever that saintly person tells you will always be twisted, filtered, and otherwise perverted in exactly the form that you expect.

Do you see how messed up this could be? So even if you’re talking to an angel that fell to Earth, it doesn’t matter what words come out of that person’s mouth, you’re always going to interpret what they say in such a way that they live up to you assumptions.

Where is this leading to? Well, it leads to a very familiar place—failure. That’s right, if you’re trying to lay game, if you’re trying to hook up, if you’re trying to get her number, you’re going to fail again and again and again because you’re basically just breathing in all your messed up assumptions to whatever she has to say.

So you have to let go of all of that. You have to basically look at her as a person in the exact same space as you, in the exact same time, and lose yourself at the moment. In other words, the past doesn’t mean a damn thing and the future doesn’t exist. What you have right now is the eternal present. Enjoy it.

Appreciate her for who she is at this present moment. If you’re able to do that, a lot of things are possible. If not, then you are just going to always filter whatever she has to say and whatever impressions she makes based on who you think she is. She basically becomes a slave of your preconceptions.

Loosen her up with jokes or self-deprecating humor

Jokes are great because they enable people, regardless of how different they are, to connect. All of us have a funny bone. All of us can connect with humor. So start with a little bit of self-deprecating humor. Maybe crack a formal joke or two. Maybe you can even try to spin a funny story.

Whatever the case may be, try to say something funny to get her to open up. Because you know what? She has dealt with many assholes throughout her career. When she’s putting on sexcam shows, there is no shortage of dudes who are going to be jerks. There is no shortage of guys who will let their stereotypes and assumptions get the better of them and they’d behave like assholes.

You really can’t blame her for automatically assuming that you’re going to be one of those assholes. So she’s going to have her defenses up. She is going to have a wall around her. By using jokes, you put cracks in that wall. You basically end up in a position of creating a one-to-one bond.

Know when to ask her for a private show

When you notice that she’s really responding to you and the conversation is beginning to get a little bit deeper, that’s the time you can ask her for a private show. Now, don’t get too excited. Usually, when guys ask for private shows at sexcams, that’s where the chick starts finger banging herself or she whips out the dildo or whatever and basically puts on a sex show.

In this particular type of private show, just get deep. In other words, get inside her head. Get personal. Share stories that you have that make you vulnerable. Maybe tell her when your parents separated or when your mom got laid off. Whatever story that makes you look vulnerable. As long as it’s true, you have a strong chance of drawing her in and getting her to volunteer her own story.

It’s important to do this because you’re trying to create a high level of mutual comfort. This is where personal walls come down and people start to bond on an honest level. You can’t play any tricks. You can’t get all nasty on her. Just be real.

Once she feels that she can trust you and that you are an ally, or you get where she’s coming from, call her to action. This is just a fancy term for basically asking for her number or her Skype address and just taking it from there.

In other words, you opened a very personal connection with her and this enables you to start where you left off by Skype-ing her or calling or texting her on her phone, and it takes less effort to get a personal connection later on. Where this leads is completely up to her and you.

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